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Chain Smashers: Big Marlborough (Juniors)

  • 23 Apr 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Big Marlborough Disc Golf Course


  • If your child needs a membership, please first visit

    One-time Junior Membership (under 18) in effect until member is 18 years old.

    A Family Membership is acceptable for this event.

    For membership questions, please email and in the subject line put "Membership question."

Registration is closed



$30 Registration Fee + cost of CDGC Membership if the child or family does not have one. Consider that an individual Junior Membership is in effect until the member is 18 years old!


Chain Smashers: Big Marlborough is the Calgary Disc Golf Club’s (CDGC) first JUNIOR tournament for the 2022 disc golf season. It’s about fun and growing the disc golf community. All are welcome -  from those new to the sport, to experienced youth.

Lead Sponsor

 Secondary Sponsor

 Chucking Canuck Disc Golf

JK Discs

With support by

Player Pack:

  • 1 disc arranged by Chucking Canuck Disc Golf
  • 1 Chain Smashers T-shirt supplied by Chucking Canuck Disc Golf
  • Chucking Canuck Disc Golf discount code (emailed after the tournament)
  • JK Discs discount code (emailed after the tournament)
  • Lifesport discount code (emailed after tournament)
  • Potentially some other extras!
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize discs supplied by JK Discs - winners can exchange the disc onsite with JK Discs for another disc in stock, paying the retail difference.
  • Potentially other bonus prizes.

There will be three placement categories: Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for each.

Current Alberta Health Services COVID-19 public health guidelines will be followed. 


The location is the Big Marlborough Disc Golf Course. We will use the existing 12 tone locations. Two rounds will be played.

We do encourage you to look up the Big Marlborough course on UDisc.

What is the challenge at Big Marlborough? Tonals (metal cylinders) not cages, so your putting skill will be challenged!


We will endeavor to pair up friends if possible. Cards will likely range from 2-4 players. Please note friendship names on the registration form.

Bring at least one disc! If you are a beginner, any conventional 'frisbee' style disc will do. Typically as people get better they specialize into disc golf discs. Don't be scared to participate. See our video 'A Junior Disc Golf Survival Guide.'

Players will be sorted into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories. The Tournament Director reserves the right to move a player up or down categories based on final score. 

Before or after your tee times head over to the JK Discs tent for a special activity (e.g. mini disc course competition, long throw competition, or long throw mini competition etc).

More details about start times will be emailed out in the days leading up to the tournament.

Top finishers of this tournament automatically qualify for entry into the Alberta Youth Disc Golf Challenge FINAL in August 2022.

CDGC Membership / UDisc Account

Registration requires a CDGC Junior membership purchase or an existing CDGC Junior membership. A Family membership is also acceptable. A CDGC membership provides access to benefits including access to future tournaments and events hosted throughout the year! A membership also provides funds to help develop junior initiatives, maintain local courses and develop new courses throughout the city. A Junior Membership is in effect until the member is 18 years old!

Recommended steps:

1. Does your child have a unique email address? If not, please consider it. Have Gmail? One trick is to use the '+' sign like this: or, so all emails would go to yet the children would have unique emails. A unique email helps solve some registration issues and assists with UDisc below. The '+' trick may work with other email types, but you will have to check.

2. Child not a Calgary Disc Golf Club member yet? Go to: Wait until you receive a notification that the membership is approved. Then return back here. 

3. Login with your child's CDGC membership account credentials or your family membership credentials. Register for the tournament.

4. UDisc Events with live scoring will be used. Please install the Udisc app on the device you will most likely use for score keeping. UDisc is free to start. Then, set your child up with a UDisc account using a unique email address. Be sure to note that email address on the registration form, as it will be used to load the event and tee times into their UDisc account. All of this will help ensure we can certify the results live onsite and hand out the major prizes onsite. Only one person in a player group needs to keep score, but the more people that have UDisc setup, the better.


Important tips: 

  • When registering your child, enter the child's name first. Later in the form is a spot to enter your name as the parent or legal guardian. The gender and date of birth fields are also for the child.
  • Watch out for auto-fill as it likely will replace the child's name with yours.

The Parent or Legal Guardian registering the child must agree to the RELEASE OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND MEDIA RELEASE AGREEMENT in order for the child to participate in the tournament. This is done through the Registration form.

Player Etiquette & Safety

Please go over etiquette and safety with your child! Safety concerns include, but are not limited to: getting hit by a disc, slips, trips, falls, the effect of pre-existing medical conditions and inclement weather.

Helpful etiquette and safety articles are the ‘Disc Golfer’s Code’ and 'Stay Classy, Disc Golfers: Rules Of Disc Golf Etiquette.'

What’s Next

Watch for an email or two. Tee time / hole start details will be assigned right up close to the tournament. 

We hope to keep the event safe, inclusive and fun for all those involved! Thank you for your part in making this happen. See you out there on the course!

Child not a member yet? First go to:

Calgary JUNIOR Disc Golf

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